Casa Fidel

Castro de las Filabres Almeria Spain

cuevas de sobas

Within a short drive from Castro de Filabres it's possible to visit the unique gypsum karst caves of the Sorbas region.

There are more than 1000 caves...all with very different geological formations.

A range of tours are available from simple 2 hours tours, up to 4 hours tours for a range of fitness and agility levels.

Lucainena Hornos Header

One of the more successful of the mining ventures in Almeria were the iron ore mines in Lucainena de las Torres, mainly because it had better planning and better investment. A railway line ran from mines in the mountains of the Sierra Alhamilla in the parish of Lucainena to the coast at Agua Amarga from where the ore was shipped north to Barcelona.

The remaining ruins of the smelting kilns are over 100 years old and are incredibly impressive in size and engineering.
It's well worth a visit since it is located between Sorbas and Castro. It also has a wonderful restaurant...

Western Town Tabernas

A short drive from Casa Fidel is Fort Bravo, a purpose-made film set of an old American western town (built in the 1960's).
It is located in the Tabernas Desert - considered the only true desert region in Europe.
The desert is north of Almeria and is found between the mountains of Alhamilla and Los Filabres.
There is very little rainfall here and the temperature rarely drops below 17 degrees centigrade throughout the year.
It was here at Fort Bravo that some of the scenes of the original Spaghetti Westerns were filmed.
Fort Bravo played host to films such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars starring Clint Eastwood. Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones and King of Kings were also filmed here as well as many other films and TV programmes.

Tabernas Castle

Tabernas, with it's ruined Moorish castle overseeing not just the town but also the adjacent desert, fulfills the majority of our needs in terms of food, hardware, ironmongery and building can even buy cowboy boots there.

Wednesday is market day, a colourful, social occasion where specialist stalls selling home grown honey and a huge variety of herbs and spices can be found amongst the fish and vegetables and 'artisania'. It's a friendly yet unpretentious place.

Olive Oil Museum Tabernas

The olive oil company 'Castillo de Tabernas' has converted a traditional house just outside Tabernas, on the road to Sorbas, into an olive oil museum.
There are tours which take place in an old almazara (the Arab word for olive oil pressing mill) set up inside the museum, explaining every aspect of the traditional production process.
An old street from the city of Almeria has also been recreated using natural cobble stones.
At the end of the tour, visitors are invited to participate in a tasting session.

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